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Pk Lux

Pk Lux is an organization aimed primarily at bringing together all the traceurs of Luxembourg to create a community, in order to share tips, techniques and spots. This also facilitates the organization of training sessions and other events, as well as creating a starting point for any beginner traceur in Luxembourg and a reference for anyone tying to contact Luxembourgish traceurs. However, if you are not from Luxembourg feel free to join and help spread our organization.


At Pk Lux we take the philosophy behind parkour very seriously. We believe the discipline stands for freedom of movement, action and expression and we model our association after those values. Joining Pk Lux is completely free and at no point during your membership will anyone try to tell you what to do or how to do it. Unlike most sports clubs, there are no "classes" or "lessons" and you are free to attend when you please and train how you want. Our only rule is respect, if you treat other members like you would like to be treated and act in the best interest of your fellow traceurs, Pk Lux and yourself, then you will be treated with respect.

So if this is the kind of environment you would like to train in, then head over to our Join tab and go to our Facebook page and we'll see you at the next session!