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SummerPaus zu Diddeleng

All Traininger freideszu Diddeleng sin oofgesot während der Summetpaus. weini dei neih saison unfängt deelen mier demnachst mat.


NEMMEN fier Traininger zu Diddeleng(freides op der alliance): Wegl. Print den pdf am link uewen eraus an fellt en KOMPLETT aus, mat Ennerschreft. Den Formulaire musst der beim nächsten training oofgin fier matmaachen ze dierfen falls der en net schon oofgin hudd. (D\'memberschaft ass gratis!)





Parkour Diddeleng PKDUD asbl. *check*

We are happy to announce that we are now an official affiliate with the ASBL PKDUD - Parkour Dudelange (also supported by DAW Skyflip) This will grant us an important second arm of existence and much more attention than we may be able to handle. We are moving constantly; further into the light. Train hard, train safe. We count on you, and support you.

Diddelenger Haal zou

Wengt renovationsaarbeschten bleiwt d Haal zu Diddeleng iwwert de summer zou. Vum 1.Juli bis 1te september! Mier traineiren sou oft wei meiglesch dobaussen an der sonn an am reen :). D haal zu uerwerkuer bleiwt oo an erwaard eis mat neihen Saachen wei engem reck zb. Bäscht Greiss, Tom

PK SHOW 25 April in Bettembourg

IMPORTANT please read this... We are having a 15-20 minutes Show on the 25th of April 2016 at 19h00! This will take place in Bettembourg (gym next to swimming pool). We are invited as special guest by the service of sports of Bettembourg, to present parkour at the local Sports Gala. (kudos to Lynn Jung for recommending us!! ) I need at LEAST 5 voluntaries to make this a good event. If you like what we do and want to support us all, please participate. (having 10 people for the show would be awesome). This event will NOT be remunerated monetarily BUT we will use the money we get from this event to sponsor the PKLUX-Jogging-trousers which we talked about earlier. The thing is that we can only use the fund for members of PKLUX, meaning to get this \"free\" jogging it would also require you to be member of our Club. Please let me know as soon as possible if you want to participate! We need you ! smile emoticon How to become member of PKLUX? 1) Print, fill-out and give us the member sheet: 2) Pay the yearly fee of 30 Euro to our account with your name and birth date in the \"communication field\". 3) Recieve your PKLUX-member-card We already talked about this and I hope it is clear that the membership fee of 30 Euro/year is required for our Insurance and the Gym we offer year per year. Thanks everyone! -Tom People participating in the event until now: - Lucas Belin-toulas - Tom Smith - - Chris Klensch - Vasic Alex - Ferreira Dany - Johny Costa

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